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Unusual Gifts for Men There comes a time in their lives when most men have all the usual gift items that come to mind, and as such it can become increasingly difficult to surprise them year in and year out. It's about this time when we have to start really racking our brains to come up with something new and original, or otherwise we run the risk of being seen as if we just don't care anymore! Thankfully however i've always found that unusual gifts for men are a great solution, something out of the ordinary, perhaps even taking him out of his comfort zone. You see most men will love clever, adventurous or funny gifts; essentially anything that will keep their mind occupied or failing that, that can be toyed with or even taken apart in some cases! An easy way to grab a man's attention is with a gift that makes him chuckle or think. However if you're in a hurry then you'll be pleased to know that we have scoured the web to bring you a great selection of unusual gifts, all certain to make that special man in your life smile...

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

unusual christmas gifts

Christmas is almost upon us and finding unusual christmas gifts to both surprise and delight can be difficult at the best of times, however with our top 10 suggestions you will be well placed to make an informed decision.

Top 10 Unique Gifts for Men

unique gifts for men

Never one to disappoint, here is my top 10 unique gifts for men. Some cheap, some expensive, all adorable and great for when you are looking for that something extra special.

Unusual Birthday Gifts for the Woman You Love

Unusual Birthday Gifts

Personalising your present can turn a simple gift into truly unusual birthday gifts which your partner is sure to love and cherish for years to come.

Suggestions for Unusual Gifts for Men

Looking for some specific suggestions? Then fear not for we have put together a list of what is in our eyes the best and of course most unusual gifts for men we've came across so far...

  1. A hot air balloon ride can give any man the experience of a lifetime, and if the man in question is your partner then it can also serve as a romantic way to spend some precious time together. Just imagine seeing the bright lights of a city or the serene peacefulness of the countryside as you and him float leisurely above it. Sharing such a special experience can serve to strengthen the bond between a couple. For the really ambitious, how about landing the balloon in a man's favourite location or as an alternative, at a nearby pub for lunch! Of course, one will have to make sure that location is ready to handle a hot air balloon and is not too far away.
  2. If your man has a role model in life, perhaps a sportsman or political leader then why not treat him to a framed photograph of said person? One of the more unusual gifts for men is a political one that represents a man's own political views. Whilst strictly for the man that always has an opinion on politics, it can certainly make an unusual gift. Or perhaps he has a favourite footballer or even football club, if you can get the photo signed by the player(s) then that really adds something special to the gift, and is certain to light up his life. After all, most men are sports mad in some way or another and whilst you may not share his enthusiasm for the sport in question, they can form a great basis for any gift.
  3. If you're feeling flush, then a classic automobile can be the unusual gift that wins a man's heart. A classic automobile is one of the more unusual gifts for men, because it is so rare. As you may know, men have an affinity for collector's items, and a rare car is a sure way to satisfy this desire for collector's items. However rare need not mean expensive as you can get reasonably priced classic cars in the second hand market. The important thing to keep in mind however is that unless you're knowledgeable about such cars yourself, it's probably wise to consult with someone who knows what they're talking about before considering this extravagant gift.
  4. For the younger lad, how about getting him a personalised lads mag cover which would feature his name and photo on the cover, as if he was a superstar! This is great for him to show off to friends and makes a great focal point when he has friends over, you can even get it framed so that he can hang on the wall. Whilst something of a risque present that is more suited to the younger man, most men will be familiar with these lad mags and hence it could be given as a gift to men of all ages, no matter the occasion.

So there you have some of the most unusual gifts for men that are certain to make him laugh, think, or simply enjoy an adventure. Whatever you decide to give, it always pays to put a good amount of thought and consideration into your choice of gift to ensure that what you actually buy will be of use or bring pleasure to the man's heart.