About Us

Me, relaxing with a book.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved giving gifts, for me there is just something so special about being able to surprise someone with a little present and see how their face lights up with joy at it. Often i could be found working away with glue sticks and scissors in hand as I crafted a cute little gift to give to someone and now i’m a little older (28 in case you’re wondering) i still love to hand craft gifts. Nowadays my budget is a little more than when I was a child which is certainly useful however i don’t often get as much time as I’d like to hand make a present, and as such I’ve found myself increasingly relying on the internet as a source for gift suggestions and ideas. It’s my passion for gift giving that led me to build this little corner of the web for myself with the hope of being able to share my love for presents with anyone who may come across my little site! Whilst i’m still getting the hang of things somewhat, I would like to think I could share my knowledge and hopefully help bring a few more smiles into this world!

Lara xx