Expensive Gifts for Men

Expensive Gifts for Men

There comes a time in every ones life where they really wish to splash out on a certain someone in their life, to really treat them to something over the top and unusual. This is certainly not unusual, and ideally we could make such an extravagant gesture all the time, sadly however this is not always the case and even more reason to ensure that when you do, it is perfect. Thankfully however there are a number of different kinds of extravagant and expensive gifts for men that you can give the man in your life and that will really make a big impression. The key to choosing such a gift is the same as if you were buying a more modest gift, in that you will need to really know something about your mans interests, thoughts and desires if you are to excel with your choice of expensive gifts for men.

If you’re still looking for gift suggestions then worry not! If your guy is a big sports fan then one of the most extravagant and expensive gifts for men that you could get for him would be season ticket to watch his favourite team. This will give him the best seats in the stadium and the ability to go to all the games. If you do opt for this gift then you may want to consider season ticketsĀ  for yourself as well, so you can also go to the games and be able to spend time with him.

If your guy’s favourite team isn’t anywhere near where he lives, you can opt for a different sports themed gift. If he doesn’t already have a large screen television or surround sound home cinema, then you could purchase these for him. Once you have these installed, you can get him the sports package with his cable or satellite provider. This will make it possible for him to watch his favourite sporting events whenever he wants and the added bonus of you don’t have to tag along to a cold stadium in winter with him!

There are, of course, expensive gifts for men that aren’t sports related. If your guy loves to travel, you could arrange for a holiday to an exotic locale that he has never been to. The neat thing about this is that it can be a gift to yourself as well, as it can turn out to be a romantic vacation for the two of you. You can make arrangements with a travel agent, and even have a quiet word with his boss or work colleagues in order to make the trip a total surprise.

If you are living with your guy, you may want to convert a space into what i like to call a man cav. You can put in a big screen TV, a bar, several comfortable chairs, gaming systems, a pool table or just about anything else that would appeal to him. This can give him a space that is all his own where he can do man things and entertain his male friends without them getting under your feet! If you can pull it off, it can make a great surprise as well as being a rather extravagant gift.

Many men love alcohol, so a gift of rare and expensive liquor can make an unusual and expensive gift. You will have to know what their favourite kind of drink is before you go looking however, but it can be fairly easy to find a great gift that involves your guy’s favourite drink, whether that be a vintage wine or an aged malt whiskey.

These are just a few of the unusual and extravagant gifts that you can get for the special man in your life. Primarily you need to take into account what your guy is interested in so you can choose the best gift for him. From sporting event tickets to a personal man cave, there are expensive gifts for men that will be just perfect for your man.