Top 10 Unique Gifts for Men

unique gifts for men

Sometimes in the past I’ve felt a little guilty about some of the gifts I’ve gave to people, not because they where tacky or anything but more so because I believe I could have done better if I had put a little more time into it. Oh well, it can’t be helped now however hopefully i can give you some ideas on unique gifts for that man in your life. These unique gifts for men will surely be appreciated and loved by your loved one, and if you’re still lost for ideas, then we have a whole host more throughout the pages of this site that we hope you satisfy your gift search goblins!

  1. Prepare a homemade gift basket for your man. If he loves to play football, then you can include in the gift basket a new pair of football boots, or his fave teams shirt and a football signed by his favourite player, or the entire team! Add energy bars for him to munch while he enjoys checking out all the items inside the basket and of course, complete your package by adding a lovely do-it-yourself card with your own personal message.
  2. Cook the favourite meal of your man. One of the best ways to a mans heart and affections is through his stomach and hence it’s always a good idea to choose his favourite dishes. Or if cooking is not your think, then consider surprising him with dinner in an expensive restaurant.
  3. Most of the time, men love dogs. So perhaps now may be the perfect time to surprise him by giving him a cute puppy: which can also serve as a good companion during his exercise regime. Choose the breed he prefers and not necessarily the cutest little thing you find! Then complete your gift with all the things he needs for his new puppy such as dog food and lead.
  4. One of the best unique gifts for men is time and you can share your own time with him by booking a holiday for the two of you. This could be in a place where you haven’t visited yet, after all, I’m sure that you and your man need a much deserved break from your busy schedule.
  5. Does your man have green fingers? Give him a plant. Include in your gift the seedlings, gardening tools and books required to complete your gift package for him.
  6. Draw for your man. It can be a lovely portrait of something special for him or for both of you, perhaps even have it framed.
  7. Surprise him with a home style spa or book a day at a spa for the both of you where you can pamper him with massage. To make it more personalised, romance your man after a soothing massage and take the chance to share some precious time with him.
  8. Give your man a ticket for the concert of his favourite band or sports team and accompany him. It will surely melt your man’s heart as it’s a wonderful gesture to show your man how you support him with all his favourites. Even if you wouldn’t necessarily be caught dead at the match, it’s still one of the more unique gifts for men.
  9. Can you knit? If you have the talent, then perhaps knit a set of sweater, gloves, bonnet, and scarf for you man. Use yarns of his favourite colour. This is a lovely gift suited during winter season though this can be a touchy subject if the matter of your taste in fashion and his don’t normally match!
  10. Subscribe your man to his favourite magazine which again is another good way to show how you consider his preferences.

Gifts have long been a symbol of how you show your love and affection to another human being. Giving the proper gift will show how much effort you are willing to go to and how much you value them when preparing the gifts. Keep in mind that in giving unique gifts for men, you should pay carefully consideration to what you think will suit his preferences if you’re set on choosing something truly unique.

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