Unusual Birthday Gifts for the Woman You Love

Unusual Birthday Gifts

Are you at a loss for ideas when it comes to picking the best gift for the woman you love? Well fret no more for this article will give you some wonderful ideas on unusual birthday gifts for the special lady in your life. For the more creative amongst us, the best unusual gifts are those that you make with your own hands or ones where it is obvious that you have went to considerable lengths to make her happy. To give you ideas of what these unusual birthday gifts are, we have compiled a list below of some of our faves…

  1. Prepare a meal for your loved one. If, in the past, you have been celebrating your special lady’s birthday in an expensive restaurant, then now is the best time to change this shoddy habit! Woman find it very sexy to see how her man prepares a sumptuous meal for her, and of course you should always chose her favourite dishes from appetizers, soup, main course, dessert and wine. For that added personal touch, make a handmade invitation and send it to her mail box at work or home. After eating the meal you two have shared, be prepared to pamper her with romance and spend time together, don’t just think the jobs done and run off to the pub!
  2. Are you good at drawing or painting, or fancy yourself as a bit of an artist? Then why not draw or paint a soothing landscape of a very special place for the two of you. For instance, it could be where you proposed to her or where you first met, or had your first date. Make sure to have it framed,help her hang in the bedroom and it’s certainly one of the more unusual birthday presents to remind your woman about your love for her.
  3. A personalised shirt makes a cute little gift that you can give your woman. Simply buy a plain white shirt and fabric paint and goto town on it. You can add a simple statement of your love for her or perhaps any designs that your woman likes.
  4. A gift basket is one of the more traditional gifts, but you can certainly give it a modern twist that will turn it into one of the more unusual birthday gifts. Choose a theme. For instance, say your woman loves to go to the spa to be pampered and get a massage. If so, then prepare for her a gift basket consisting of various items that will help her achieve a home style spa. Complete your package by putting lotion, essential oils, skin scrubs, towels, even a bath robe and you have a stunning gift that your lady is sure to love and will be able to brag to her friends about!
  5. For the sentimental, perhaps give a set of love coupons to your special lady. What are love coupons i here you ask? Well they are a collection of coupons that your loved one can use any time that they wish. It can include statements – such as you will be her slave for one week, you will be in-charge of cleaning the house, you will be washing the car or she is entitled to receive a fancy dinner from you. You can either create the coupons by hand or simply print the coupons from your computer.
  6. Writing a love letter for your woman may be seen as somewhat old-fashioned, which may be true however it is as romantic as it has ever been. Tell her how much you really love her and do not forget to send it to her home address. Your woman will be really be surprised to open the letter on her special day.

Your woman will certainly appreciate all of your efforts in preparing any of the above mentioned unusual birthday gifts. Your time  is the best gesture that you can ever give her and the best expression of how much you truly love your special lady.

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