Unusual Christmas Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

unusual christmas gifts

You know what it’s like, you’re making your Christmas list shopping list and some people are easy to buy for, others you find that you are stuck with a certain name on your list who you just cannot come up with a gift for. They’re just so tricky to buy for as they already have everything. Well fear not, for we’ve all been in a similar situation at some point in our lives and hopefully this article is the answer to your problem. Read on to find out more about unusual christmas gifts that you can give to a person who has everything.

  1. A gift certificate for a relaxing massage and spa session is one of the more unusual Christmas gifts. One of the neat things about such a gift is that you’re giving the special person a much deserved rejuvenating session and let’s be honest this is always well received considering how hectic a time of year Xmas is for most of us.
  2. How about giving tickets for a live concert of his favourite band or tickets to the big football match, and perhaps more importantly, make sure to join him and watch the concert or game so you two can share a little time together. This is to show him how much you value his favourites. You can also consider tickets for his favourite museum, movie or opera ticket should his tastes dictate that it would be preferential.
  3. Bond on a whole new level with the person through painting or creating drawing for him. Paint or draw special scenery like the favourite place or if for a loved one, perhaps a painting of the place you two first met. Do not forget to frame your painting or drawing and your gift will surely be remembered forever by that special someone.
  4. If you’re a wizard in the kitchen then why not bake homemade goodies such as cakes, cookies or brownies. Make sure that they are themed around Christmas with shapes such as a Christmas tree, stars, balls, snow man or bells.
  5. Prepare a sumptuous meal for the Christmas Eve for you two to share together at this special time of year.
  6. A chocolate gift basket is another good choice for someone with a sweet tooth. The receiver will surely enjoy munching his chocolate treats during the holiday season and well into the new year, simply include chocolate bars, chocolate syrup, chocolate wafer or any of his favourite sweets.
  7. Are you musically inclined? Compose a song. Have the lyrics written in a fancy paper and frame it. If you have the opportunity, sing it for your special person.
  8. One of the unusual Christmas gifts that you can give is simply, your time. Spending quality time with someone who has everything need not cost the earth, a simple picnic kit which is packed with all the favourite foods of the special person in question, along with your company is surely an ideal gift.
  9. Strengthen your relationship through building trust. Get a blank promise slate. Put on the card a statement that you can promise to keep forever. For example you can write, “I will be your friend, your lover, your companion forever,” or “I will always hold your hand no matter what happens.” Do not forget to sign your name and have it framed so that your special someone will always remember what you promised.
  10. Knit a set of winter outfit which includes sweater, scarf, gloves and bonnet. Use the favourite colour of the receiver to make it more customized, however as you’re probably aware some men are quite particular about what they will wear so make sure beforehand that you would not be wasting your time!

So there you have it, some of the simplest unusual christmas gifts around, all sure to bring a smile to the face of that special person in your life. What’s that i hear you say, you’re still lost for ideas? Surely not, however it does happen from time, the good news however is that we have a large selection of unusual gifts for men both on our site and at the link below. Surely with this selection you will find that ideal gift.

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